This template is a mature project management application, which covers the complete project management process, including project initiation, project change, and project completion. And project resources, costs, project tasks and activities are also necessary to be managed in a project.

Project management is the effective management of all work involved in the project by the project manager under the constraints of limited resources, including project phases, resources, project tasks, etc. That is to plan, organize, coordinate and control the whole process from the beginning of the investment decision of the project to the end of the project, so as to achieve the goal of the project.

This template is a mature and effective project management application, including the whole process of project management such as project initiation, project change, project completion, etc. The project hub we provided allows project members to view project status, project stages, project cycle and other information at any time. This allows you to control the full life cycle of your projects.

If there is a change for a project, it must also be submitted to the relevant approvers. After the change takes effect, the relevant tasks or activities will be held on and you should reconsider them.

Project labor resources with cost information is maintained in Resource Hub, you can assign resources to projects and the labor costs will be automatically calculated.

The homepage dashboard displays numbers of related tasks/project according to different status. Meanwhile, chart and task list is also shown on the homepage. It is open to all members by default, you can customize some filter conditions for data statistics, such as counting the number of tasks which are assigned to the current user.

In addition, we also provide a project dashboard, which contains four charts from four aspects: project cost review, phase efforts, state distribution, and initiation trends.